Product and Component Design for Injection Moulding

All great products start with a great design. From the smallest component to the final product, design can make huge differences to longevity, speed of manufacture and cost. Spectrum's design team will turn your prototypes, drawings or sketches into a production ready design.

Your requirements are always the first thing on the drawing board. A well defined brief allows us to select the correct process and materials for your product or component design.

We will guide you step-by-step through the design process from initial 2D drawings through to 3D renders and finally 3D printed prototypes. Once you are happy with your finished product we can move on to manufacturing.

We really understand injection moulding

Injection moulded components can offer incredible strength and longevity (take our Toughook as an example) when designed to take advantage of the benefits of the injection moulding process.

Understanding wall thickness, drafts, reinforcing ribs and boss positioning are all critical to a perfect finished product. Knowing what you want to achieve our design team will put all that knowledge to work and perfect your existing design, or creating something all new.

Save money with great design

Good design will save you money. Intelligent use of features like ribs and gussets will save weight; reducing material and cycle time costs for every piece produced. Understanding the injection moulding process also allows us to keep tooling costs as low as possible by creating designs that are easier to tool.

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All great products start with a great design. From the smallest component to…
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