Injection Moulding Services

The majority of our production capacity is given to the manufacture of custom designed products for clients across the UK. These bespoke products form the heart of our business and we are happy to help manufacture your components.

The products and components we produce are mostly covered by confidentiality agreements so we cannot show examples. Our very own Toughook was designed, prototyped and is manufactured entirely by us in the UK. It is a great example of our ability to work in all of these areas.

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In many cases the components we make for our clients are designed in house by our design team. With a wealth of experience in designing both component parts and finished products (such as our very own Toughook), your project is in very capable hands.

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Getting to grips with your product before proceeding with production is an essential part of the process. Using modern 3D printing techniques we can quickly produce low-cost 1:1 scale prototypes of products and components.

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We have been injection moulding since 1998 and have producing tens of millions of consistent, high quality pieces. We manufacture in the UK and China and will provide a complete service for your injection moulding needs.

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Since China's rise to one of the major industrial nations in the world many companies have looked east for their manufacturing needs. Many of the household goods we use today are manufactured in Chinese factories. Now you too can take advantage of China's competitive manufacturing for your product or components.

Design Service

All great products start with a great design. From the smallest component to…
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Prototyping & 3D Printing

Rapid prototyping is a series of techniques that allows us to create working…
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Injection Moulding

We manufacture bespoke injection moulded plastic products and components in the…
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Chinese Manufacturing

Since China's rise to one of the major industrial nations in the world many…
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