Injection Moulding

We manufacture bespoke injection moulded plastic products and components in the UK. Spectrum offers a complete injection moulding service from 'pellet-to-product'. We injection mould components and products of up 130g shot weight from our facility here in the UK.

You can be sure of consistently high quality components thanks to our three modern ENGEL injection moulding machines. Your product is injection moulded with up to 50 tonnes of clamping pressure. Super-heated plastic enters the tool and cools in seconds to produce your component.

Your component can be injection moulded from a huge range of industrial grade polymers such as ABS, Nylon or Polypropylene. If you're not sure which grade is right for you, let us help. Advice and guidance is all part of the personal service you will receive from Spectrum. Our history of designing and manufacturing components and finished products for UK and overseas markets means your business is in safe hands.

Our efficient UK production cell gives you enormous flexibility to manufacture large or small numbers of components; whilst UK based storage means we can keep your component 'in stock', so you never run out of key components. For more complex components, read about our Chinese manufacturing facilities.

Tooling for your injection moulds

Every component produced requires its own mould, this is the tool. Tools need to be custom manufactured for each project and are a crucial part of getting the correct finished product.

Whether your component is large or small we can manufacture the perfect tool to produce it. Depending on the requirements some tools are made in-house and some are manufactured by our partners. All tools are made with longevity and quality of the finished product in mind. We have tools still operating today that are running into the millions of pieces produced.

Getting the right tool is about choosing the right toolmaking process. We can offer CNC milling, spark and wire erosion and precision 5 Axis CNC facilities. If you're not sure which method is best for you, just give us a call, getting you the right advice is all part of what we do.

Protecting your investment

Your tool will be maintained by our engineers to the highest standard. Keeping your tool maintained will ensure a consistent finished product and the longest possible service life for your tool. Replacing a poorly maintained or mis-used tool is expensive, so protecting your tool protects your profit margin.

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Injection Moulding

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